Tablet Will Not Switch On

Modified on: 2020-03-26 18:50:46 +0000

The most likely causes for a tablet being unable to be switched on are:

  • Battery has discharged (Most common cause)
  • Faulty Dock
  • Faulty power socket
  • Faulty Hardware

Battery Discharged

In most cases the battery has completely discharged after prolonged use. Verify that the Docking station is connected to a functional power supply. 

  • Please allow the tablet to charge for 20-30 minutes.
  • Once the tablet has reached 8% charge it will switch itself on automatically and launch the Emenu application. (Auto Turn on is only available for Crave T1, T2 and Samsung models of In-room tablets)
  • The battery indicator in the bottom right corner will move to indicate that the tablet is charging.

Once the battery has charged suitably you are able to remove it from the dock.

Faulty Dock/Dock Connector

After verifying the Dock is connected to a functional power supply,  faults with the dock can be eliminated by trying an alternative In-Room tablet. 

If an alternative tablet charges correctly then the issue with the original tablet maybe hardware related. 

You may need to ask your Maintenance team to assist in troubleshooting this type of issue.

Faulty Hardware

In rare circumstances, charging issues maybe caused by hardware failure. Please eliminate the dock by trying an alternative functional dock. If the tablet still does not power on please refer to your Maintenance team.

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