How to Add a New Product

Applicable Feature:

  • In-Room Tablets
  • AppLess
  • ServeSafely
  • Takeaway Today
  • Crave CMS
  • Crave Console
  • Crave NOC

The following steps will guide you through the steps required to add a new product to your menu. A product can be an orderable item such as food and beverages or a service item such as request for a paid or free of charge service. Products are added and managed in the Crave CMS just like nay other content changes. You will require you Username and Password in order to login to the Crave CMS.

1. Login to Crave CMS 

2. Navigate to the Menu

  • On the main navigation bar at the top of the CMS screen select Products > Menu


  • The list of menus will be displayed,  double click on the menu you wish to add your product, to view further options


3. Navigate to category

  • Your menu is organised in a tree structure. You can use the Expand or Collapse links to to enable easy navigation and help the locate the category you wish to place your product in. Each category will also have a + symbol to allow you to expand the category

  • If you are creating a new category, please reference the 'How to add a Category guide' before creating your product.

4. Add Product

  • Once you have located the correct category, use the green 'plus' button to add the product
  • Populate the name of the product and use the dropdown to select 'product' and click 'save'. The product is now saved in the category

Please note: If you add the product as a category instead of a product, this action cannot be undone and the product will need to be deleted and re-added.

5. Configure your Product

  • To configure the product, click the 'edit' icon and this will open up the product page on the generic tab


  • Fields highlighted with a red line (name, price and tax tariff) are mandatory fields and must be completed before the product can be saved.
  • Price: Enter a price for the item. If the item has price variations due to size/modifiers etc, click on the  'Advanced' tab and tick the 'Hide Price' box and click 'Save'.
  • Tax Tariff: All products must have a Tax Tariff selected, use the drop-down to select the appropriate tariff and click 'Save'

  • Schedule (if applicable): You can use the dropdown to select a schedule for the product to be visible/orderable and click 'Save'. To create or amend a schedule please use this guide How to Change or Add a schedule
  • Other areas to configure include description - Short Description and Description. 
  • Short Description is only used in AppLess and is the description displayed on the menu, this is generally used to display pricing/sizing or a basic description of the product. Short descriptions will not be displayed on In-Room tablets

  • Description is used on both AppLess and In-Room tablets. This is the description displayed to guests when a product is selected/clicked. This description can be more detailed and descriptive to help sell your products

6. Adding an Alteration or Modifier

  • If the product requires an alteration or modifier to be created, please refer to our How to Create an Alteration / Modifier Guide
  • If the Alteration or Modifier already exists you can attach it to the product by selecting the Alteration V3 tab. You will then be able to select the Alteration from the drop down list. You can add up to 10 Alteration per product

7. Add Product Image (if applicable)

  • To add an image to the product, click the 'Images' tab - The product image size is 630 pixels x 646 pixels
  • Select  Add 

  • The default dimensions for both AppLess and In-Room tablets will already be checked
  • Click on JPG Quality' and change to 100 and select Save
  • Click Choose File and select your image and click 'Save'  

  • Once the image has been uploaded, it can be viewed on the tabs displayed and  the dotted outline can be moved to crop the image for display. 

  • Once you have finished making any adjustments select Save and g

8. Save Product

  • After all the product details have been added, click 'Save and Go' to return to the menu

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