How To Setup A Crave Mini Tablet

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Crave In-Room tablets are designed to enhance your guests experience by providing them with a quick and easy way to access hotel services and information. 

Before commencing the setup please verify the following:

  • That the WiFi network has been configured in accordance to Crave requirements. The requirements will have been communicated during the project phase but if you are unsure please contact your project manager.  
  • Check all packaging for any signs of damage during transit. Report any damaged items or hardware to your project manager.
  • Check that you have your management pin number to hand. This is required to access the Management menu.

In-Room Tablet Placement

The following checks should be carried on each installation

Note: Docks should be connected to a permanent power supply which is not dependent on a guest key card to be activated.

1 - Connect the dock to the power socket. The red light on the power supply unit will light up

2 - Insert the tablet into the dock. The tablet will now switch on

3 - Check the green battery icon is moving to indicate the tablet is charging.

When placing the dock within the room please consider the following:

  • Locate the device where it is easily seen by your guests as they enter the room. This will normally be the main desk or bedside table.
  • Do not place the docks on narrow tables which are smaller than the dock. The dock should be stable with some room to move around to prevent accidental damage.
  • Do not place in bathrooms or kitchen.
  • The power supply unit has a 1-meter cable which can be fed through any cables feeds to hide the power supply unit and cable if available.

Connect To WiFi

See article:

Assign a Room Number

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Final Steps

The final step is to check the following to ensure your Crave In-Room tablet is fully functional and ready for your guest to use:

  • Ensure there are no error warning triangle is displayed in the footer bar.
  • Ensure the correct room number is displayed.
  • Remove any temporary screen protectors on the front and back of the tablet.
  • Add the hotel logo sticker to the dock.
  • Check the internet tab and that you can browse the internet.
  • Make a general check that images have downloaded and are displaying correctly.
  • Make a general check that the Apps in the more section launch.

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