Order Coming From Incorrect Room Number Or Room 1

Modified on: 2020-03-26 18:49:14 +0000

Each In-room tablet must be assigned to a room, also known as a Deliverypoint in the Crave CMS. The room allows the hotel to identify which guest is using the tablet as well as giving the option to directly message each In-room tablet. Room numbers are also required for orders and service request to be placed. 

Order Placed From An Incorrect Room Or Room 1

1 - Tap on the order to expand

2 - Select Send Message

3 - Type message or select from template, set the desired duration, and send the message.

4 - Once the follow-up call has been received inform on-property IT, Frontdesk or Housekeeping staff to have the tablet properly configured in-room. Please note Crave is unable to make the change remotely.

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