How to Create / Edit An Alteration

Alterations, also known a modifiers are additional options a guest can select when placing an order for a product. Alterations can be used to indicate preferences such as portion size, cooking temperature, customisation of dishes or upselling. For Example: if a guest is ordering a burger with cheese  and bacon, options can be made available to offer the choice to remove bacon, remove cheese or to even add extra items such as onion or tomato. Alterations Can be added at product level so that they only apply to that product or at category level, in which case they would be available for all products within that category.

How to Create an Alteration

1. Login to Crave CMS 

  • Learn How to login to the crave CMS if this is your first time or you need an account to be created 

2. Creating Your Alteration

  • Within the main CMS navigation select Products > Alterations V3

  • Click the Add button

3. Compulsory Fields 

There are 2 compulsory fields which need to be competed, Name and Type

  • Enter a Name for your alteration. This is how it will be displayed to your guests
  • Select Type as Options
  • Select the Minimum and Maximum options that can be selected. If you do not require your guest to make a selection the minimum should be set at 0. The maximum  is the maximum number of choices they can make
  • Select Save

4. Add the options

The following steps will now guide you through adding your options 

  • Select green plus button to add your first option

  • Select the Type as Alterationoption and the Sub Type as Option
  • Enter the name of the option as you would like it displayed to guests
  • Save the option by selecting the save icon

  • Continue to add any remaining options following the steps described in section 4

5. Adding a Price & Set Default Selection

  • If the option has a cost, you can add the price by selecting the edit button

  • Enter the price into the Price field and press Save

  • If you want to set an option to be automatically selected, check the Selected on default button

How to Delete an Alteration Option

An alteration Option can be removed in real time if it becomes temporarily unavailable or no longer for sale.

  • Within the main CMS navigation select Products > Alterations V3
  • Locate the alteration that the option belongs to. You can type in the name of the Alteration in the search bar

  • Double click on the Alteration so that you can view the available options
  • Select the delete icon of the options you would like to remove

If you are deleting an Alteration option due to temporary unavailability, please remember to add the option back once available by following 1-5 in this article.

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