How to Edit Your Business Hours

Your Business hours determine the opening and closing times of your venue and the periods when you will be able to accept orders. If you have different Business hours per day, for example you offer a Lunch and Dinner service you will be able to configure opening and closing times for those service periods. The Business hours setting will allow you to configure up to 3 different open and closed periods per day for your Outlet.

The following steps will guide you through editing your business hours if you need to close earlier, stay open a little longer or change your service periods.

1. Accessing the Crave CMS 

  • Learn How to login to the Crave CMS if this is your first time or you need an account to be created. The Crave CMS is optimised to work best on a PC or laptop using a chrome browser.

2.Changing your Business Hours

  • On the main CMS navigation menu go to  AppLess > Outlets 

  • Double click the outlet that you would like to edit the business hours.
  • Select the Business hours tab.
  • If your business hours are the same for each day of the week you can add your From / To times in the first All Days field.
  • If you have different opening and closing times for specific days, add your business hours in the From / To fields for the relevant days.
  • You can have your Outlet opened and closed up to 3 times a day if necessary for different service periods. You will see 3 From / To columns which will allow you to set the open and close time for these service periods.
  • Select Save once you have adjusted your business hours. Changes will take effect in real-time.

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