How to Update Product Prices

Updating your product prices can be done easily and quickly by following a few simple steps. Price changes will be updated in real time to your Mobile Order & Pay menu as soon as you have completed these steps

1. Login to Crave CMS 

2. Navigate to the menu

  • Using the top navigation select Products > Menu
  • Your menus will be displayed (the majority of customers only have one menu), double click on the menu to view further options

3. Navigate to category

  • Once the menu is opened, navigate to the category your product is located in.
  • Open up the category and find your product
  • To access the product configuration, click on the 'edit' icon

4. Change Product Price

  • Once your product page is open, check you are on the 'Generic' tab. 
  • Amend the price in the 'Price (Including tax)' box and click 'Save and go' to return to the menu

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