How to Change a Product Description

Applicable Feature:

  • In-Room Tablets
  • AppLess
  • ServeSafely
  • Takeaway Today
  • Crave CMS
  • Crave Console
  • Crave NOC

This guide will detail the steps needed to change the product description or short description.

1. Login to Crave CMS using your unique credentials

2. Navigate to the menu

  • Using the main navigation menu select Products > Menu
  • The company menus will be displayed (the majority of companies only have one menu), double click on the menu to open it up

3. Navigate to category

  • Once the menu is opened, navigate to the category your product is in
  • Open up the category and find your product
  • To access the product configuration, click on the 'edit' icon

4. Change Product Description

  • Once your product page is open, check you are on the 'Generic' tab. 
  • Amend the product description or short description and click 'Save and go' to return to the menu

5. Should I Use Short or Long Description?

  • Short Description in only used in AppLess and is the description displayed on the menu list view. this is generally used to display pricing/sizing or a basic description of the product. (Example below with short description highlighted)

  • Longer Description is used on In-Room tablets and AppLess and provides a longer description displayed to the guest when a product is selected/clicked. This description is usually more detailed. (examples below of a description on a tablet and AppLess  - both highlighted in yellow)

6. Publish Changes 

  • To bring the changes through to your In-Room tablets, please publish the menu and schedule a restart.  Learn How to publish changes 
  • AppLess, ServeSafely and Takeaway Today applications do not require any changes to be published

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