How To Create An Action Button

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An action button is a small widget which is used to link to other areas of an AppLess site or a weblink (externally via a new window or embedded within the site itself). This article will explain the process of creating an action button and how to link it correctly.

Instructions to Create an Action Button

Step 1: Access the Application Configuration

  • Locate APPLESS along the CMS navigation menu.

Step 2: Locate the Page to Add the Action Button On

  • Select the PAGES tab.
  • Locate the page you wish to add the action button to and double-click it.

Step 3: Add the Action Button

  • Click the green plus button on in the top right of the widgets banner.
  • In the FRIENDLY NAME field, add a title which easily identifies the purpose of the widget.
  • From the TYPE dropdown, select Action Buttons.
  • Click the SAVE icon.

Step 4: Customise the Action Button

  • In order to customise the action button, click the pencil and paper icon at the end of its row.
  • Click the green plus button in the top right of the action buttons banner.
  • In the NAME field, provide a title which easily identifies the action button's purpose.
  • In the TEXT field, type what you wish to appear on the AppLess page itself. For example, if the action button will be linked to the menu, type "View Menu".
  • Select the icon you wish to accompany your text from the ICON TYPE dropdown.
  • Hit the SAVE icon next to the icon type field in order to save this button.
  • Note: you can create up to 3 individual action buttons within this section. If you wish to create more, repeat the process from Step 3.

Step 5: Link the Action Button

  • Now that the action button is created, it must now be linked to its intended destination. To do this, open up the button using the pencil and paper icon at the end of its row.
  • Within the action section, link the action button to the desired location. 
  • Click SAVE, then open your site and test that the button functions correctly.

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