How to Create / Edit a Schedule

Schedules are typically used in the Crave platform to set service periods for products or categories. 

For Example: Breakfast may only be ordered in the morning and a night menu at night time. 

They can also be used in other ways such as setting the availability of promotional products during promotional periods such as Cocktail Happy Hour. The following guide describes the step to create or edit a schedule.

How to Create a Schedule

1. Login to the Crave CMS using your unique credentials

2. Create your Schedule

  • Select Company > Schedules

  • Select Add

  • Enter the name of your schedule
  • You can set up to 3 service periods displayed as 3 separate From/To columns, where From is the start time and To the end time
  • If the From/To period is the same for each day of the week, you can add this in the All Days row
  • Alternatively you can set customised From/To periods for each day of the week
  • Click save once you have customised your schedule

3. Applying your Schedule

Once you have created your schedule you will now need to link it to the required product or category in your menu.

  • On the main CMS navigation menu select Products > Menu
  • Double click on the menu to expand it 
  • Locate the Category or Product you would like to apply the Schedule to and select the edit icon indicated below.

  • Select the schedule you created earlier from the drop down selection and press save
  • The schedule will inherit to all sub categories unless they have there own schedule applied
  • If you have added the schedule to a single product it will only apply to that product
  • Select save when you have finished

How to Edit a Schedule

If you need to adjust  a schedule, follow steps 1 - 2 at the beginning of this article to locate your schedule 

  • Double click on the schedule you need to edit
  • Adjust the times as required
  • Select Save on the navigation bar

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