How to Add an Action Banner

Applicable Feature:

  • AppLess
  • ServeSafely
  • Takeaway Today
  • Crave CMS
  • In-Room Tablets
  • Crave Console
  • Crave NOC

Action Banners can be used to promote services, special offers, promotions or any other aspects of your services that you would like to stand out within your AppLess application. They are typically used on the main landing page but can also be used on other pages. This article will guide you through the steps required to create and display a banner on your AppLess pages.

1. Action Banner Image

Action banners use an image for the background with a text overlay to indicate your message. The Crave CMS will allow you to overlay the message on your image or if you prefer you can overlay the text using an image editing tool. 

The pixel dimensions required for a banner image are 800 x 270 pixels and should be in JPG or PNG format.

Once you have a suitable image in the right pixel dimensions you can take the next steps to add your banner to your page.

2. How to Add a Banner to a Page

  • Log in to the Crave CMS. If this is your first time or you do not have an account, you can Learn How to login or request access.
  • Select AppLess > AppLess Configuration on the main CMS navigation menu.
  • Select the Pages tab and then double click on the page you would like to add the banner.
  • Select the green addition icon. 
  •  Add a friendly name for the action banner.
  • Select the Type dropdown menu and select action banner.

  • Select the pen & paper edit icon on the far right to access more options.
  • If your image requires a text overlay then you will need to add the required text and select the overlay type as on. If your image already has text included, then you can skip this step.

  • Before you can continue you will need to select an action. An action determines what happens when a guest presses the banner. The available options include:
    • Page -  Links to another AppLess page
    • Category -  Links to a Category in your menu
    • Product - Links to a Product in your menu
    • Resource Type - Links to an external resource such as a website, phone number or social media

  • Press Save on the menu bar to save the action.
  • Select the images tab followed by add. Browse to the banner image you made earlier to select it. Change the JPG quality to 100. Select the required dimension. You can now select the choose file button to browse to the banner you created earlier.

  • Your image will now be uploaded.

  • Select the AppLess action banner tab. You can now use your cursor to adjust the which parts of the image will be displayed. Any parts of the image within the dotted borders will be displayed. Select save once you are happy with the position of your image.

  • Check the AppLess page to see whether your banner has been added successfully.

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