How to Hide / Unhide Menu Items

The Crave platform allows authorised users easy access to manage the availability of menu items. If you have sold out of a particular item, run out of ingredients or for any other reason, you can hide a menu item from your menu in real time. Your guests will not be able to view those items until you Unhide them again.

Menu items can be hidden or unhidden using any mobile device by logging into the secure area of the Mobile Management Tool. 

1. Accessing the Mobile Management Tool

The first step is access the Crave MMT. You will also need your username and password which was provided during your onboarding to access the secure areas. You can Learn More if this is your first time or you need further assistance.

Select Hide/Unhide Menu Items.
Select Hide/Unhide Menu items to access the secure area.

Enter your login details and select login.

2. Hide / Unhide Menu Items

The next steps describe how to Hide or Unhide menu items on your Mobile Order & Pay menu.

You can now use the following steps to locate you menu items.:
  • Use the All menu items filter to view all menu items or you can view Visible or Hidden menu items only. Select Apply if you need to change from the default All Menu items option.
  • Type the menu item name in the search bar and select search.

Select Hide to remove the chosen menu item from your Mobile Order & Pay menu. 

A message will be displayed asking you to confirm that you would like to hide the menu item. Select OK to proceed.
The hide button will change to red to indicate the menu item is no longer visible on your menu.

When you are ready to start selling a hidden menu item, perform the steps above and press the red Unhide button. The button will turn to green to indicate it is visible for your customers to order again..

Currently it is only possible to Hide and Unhide menu items within the Crave NOC. Modifiers can be hidden via the Crave CMS. Learn How to manage modifiers using the Crave CMS.

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