How to Enable Google Analytics for Mobile Solutions

Applicable Feature:

  • AppLess
  • ServeSafety
  • Takeaway Today
  • Crave CMS
  • In-Room Tablets
  • Crave NOC

Google Analytics is a free web based tool which allows you to monitor and analyse traffic to your Crave Mobile solution. It can be used to track visitors and their engagement on your AppLEss, ServeSafely or Takeaway Today site. The following steps will guide you through the setup and configuration of your Google Analytics account in order to capture usage analytics.

Creating a Google Analytics Account

In order to create a Google analytics account, you will need to have an existing Google mail account. If you do not have a Google mail account you can Learn More.


  1. Click here to go to Google Analytics.
    Note: If you are not signed in to your google account, you will be prompted to do so.
  2. Once you have signed in to your Google account, click Access Google Analytics.
  3. Click Start Measuring.
  4. Name your new account. For example “Crave Analytics”
  5. Under Data Sharing Options, check the boxes next to the options that you want. (We suggest these settings are left in their default pre-sets)
  6. Press next - You will be shown Property details section
  7. Enter Property name - for example name of your hotel
  8. Select country, time zone and currency from dropdown menus.
  9. Click show advanced options
  10. Toggle the Create Universal Analytics property 
  11. Enter URL
  12. Select radio button Create Universal Analytics property only

  1. Press Next
  2. Fill in your business information as you see fit
  3. Press Create
  4. Accept Google Analytics Terms of Service Agreement and Additional Terms Applicable to Data Shared with Google on the shown pop up message.

Share read-only access with Crave

  1. From Google analytics home page, select Admin. You can click the arrow at the left bottom to roll open the left hand side navigation bar.

  1. Select Property User management and then select add user via the + symbol.

  1. Add Crave email for Google analytics:
  2. Check that read and analyse option is selected
  3. Click Add



Locate Google Analytics Tracking Number

  1. Go to the Admin section of Google Analytics. Steps described above.
  2. Under property section, Select “Tracking info”

  1. Copy the Tracking ID into your clipboard 
  2. Send the Tracking ID you copied to



Allow GA Enhanced E-commerce support

  1. Go to admin portion of the google analytics
  2. Under the All Website Data section, locate E-commerce settings

  1. Enable E-commerce
  2. Enable Enhanced E-commerce Reporting

  1. Press Save

Add Checkout Labelling into E-commerce

  1. Go to admin portion of the google analytics
  2. Under the All Website Data section, locate E-commerce settings
  3. Under the checkout Labelling section, click on “Add funnel step”
  4. Add the following funnel steps:


Checkout Started

Service Method Selected

Checkout Method Selected

Checkout Submitted

Payment Method Selected

Payment Started

The results should look like this:

Add Custom Dimensions

Specific custom dimensions are implemented to accommodate optimal GA behaviour. Please see below the steps to add custom dimensions. If these are not added correctly, the GA reporting might not work as expected.

  1. Go to Admin section
  2. Under property, locate Custom Definitions section
  3. Select Custom Dimensions

  2. Add name from the list below
  3. Leave scope to “Hit” and make sure the Active is selected
  4. Press Create
  5. On the next page just press Done
  6. Repeat the process for all items listed below

Note: Please make sure the names are exact matches. Check for extra spaces before and after the text

Custom Dimensions

01 - Company

02 - Application Configuration

03 - Outlet

04 - Page

05 - Language

06 - Product

07 - Product Type

08 - Transaction Type

09 - Tags

10 - IsPWA


The final page will look like this:

Validating the Linked Google Analytics

Once all of the above configuration was performed, use the Crave Appless application to generate Analytical data by browsing the application.

After 15 minutes, go visit the Real-Time Overview section.

Google Analytics limitations


  • The above mentioned method will only work for Crave Appless solution (not tablets).
  • Google analytics are not real time - There is always going to be a delay between actions taken by the user and the reporting reflecting these actions.
  • We recommend that once you have finished the configuration, you browse the application to generate some Google Analytics data and verify that your actions were reflected within the GA after a couple of hours.
  • There are some circumstances that can affect the precision of taken analytical data. These typically include
    • Failed calls to Google Analytics - typically due to poor internet connectivity
    • Adblockers present on the users device
    • Sampling - a practise where subset of data is used to project the overall outcome
  • For e-commerce data, the GA captured data might differ from Crave`s data stored within the database for the above mentioned reasons.
  • Crave does not store non e-commerce data in the database.

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