How to Hide / Show a Modifier

The Crave platform allows authorised users easy access to manage the availability of modifiers. If you have sold out of a particular modifier or no longer offer that modifier as an option you can hide the modifier from your menu in real time. Your guests will not be able choose the modifier until you have made it available again.

This article will guide you through the following steps:

  • Modifier Group  - How to Hide/Show a Modifier Group. A modifier group and all of the modifier options belonging to that group can be hidden/unhidden. An example of a modifier group could be mixers which could have a number of modifier options such as tonic or juice.
  • Modifier option - How to Hide/Show a Modifier option. You can hide/show one or more modifier options within a modifier group.

How to Hide a Modifier Group or Modifier option

1. Accessing the Crave CMS 

  • Learn How to login to the Crave CMS if this is your first time or you need an account to be created. The Crave CMS is optimised to work best on a PC or laptop using a chrome browser.

2. Locating your Modifier Group

  • Within the main CMS navigation select Products > Alterations V3

  • Search for your modifier group by entering its name in the Friendly name field.

  • Select the pencil icon to edit the Modifier group

3. How to Hide or Show a Modifier Group

If you would like to hide the modifier group, untick the Available field and then select save. The modifier group will now be removed from your menu. 

If you would like to Show the modifier group again on your menu please reverse these steps and tick the Available field followed by save.

4. How to Hide or Show a Modifier Option

Select the edit icon as highlighted below to edit the modifier option.

  • Select the link highlighted below to open up further options.

  • Untick the Available field to hide the modifier option 
  • Tick the available field to show the modifier option
  • Select Save

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