Crave In-Room Tablet Software Installation Guide


The following document has been written to assist customer IT or service personnel to setup and deploy Crave In-room tablets using the Crave configuration launcher,  which is preinstalled on all Crave In-Room tablets. The Crave configuration launcher will guide you through the steps required to install the latest Crave applications and prepare your In-Room tablets prior to installing into guest rooms. 

The Crave configuration launcher can be used to setup new tablets for the first time or to reinstall Crave applications if a factory reset has been carried out on existing In-Room tablets. 


Configuration Steps 

The Crave configuration launcher will allow you to carry out the following simple steps to ensure your In-room tablets are ready to be installed into guest rooms.

  • Install the latest Crave application versions
  • Connect your In-Room tablets to Wifi
  • Configure the Crave application specifically for your property
  • Assign the correct room number

Starting the Crave Configuration Launcher

The Crave configuration launcher will start as soon as you switch on your In-Room tablet. Use the power button located on the top right to switch on your device. Alternatively the Crave configuration launcher will start automatically after the reboot required during a factory reset.

  • The device will try to auto configure. Please press Cancel

  • Click Skip to start manual setup


  • Identify your wifi connection and click to enter the password. You can also manually configure a hidden network by selecting Add Network. Click Next once connected


  • You do not need to set the time zone as the Crave cloud will display the correct time zone automatically. click Next to continue



  • On the Install Crave Apps screen you will only need to install the first 3 applications unless instructed otherwise by your project manager or Crave support personal. Please tick the boxes next to the first 3 applications. The most up to date application version numbers will be selected by default. Select Install Selected Apps. The Configuration launcher will now download and install the latest versions from the Crave cloud


  • Green indicates that the Crave application have been successfully installed. Click Skip to continue


  • Click Skip on the Download Configuration page. This step is not required

  • Installation has now been completed. You can select Start Crave Emenu to launch the application



Configuring the Emenu Application

Once the application launches you will be asked to complete the configuration for your property.

  • First you will be prompted to setup Wifi within the Crave application. Click ok

  • Select the Wifi network you would like to connect to and enter the password. You can also select add if you wish to configure a hidden network



  • Click on the basic tab and enter the Username and Password supplied by your project manager or Crave support personal. Select Retrieve companies. Ensure the correct deliverypoint group is selected. The Delivery point group will be supplied by your project manager or Crave support personal. Click Save. The application will now prompt you to be restarted


  • Once the application has launched and the homescreen is visible you have successfully installed the Crave Emenu application

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