How to Assign a Room Number

Each In-room tablet must be assigned a room number in order to be able to place orders and service requests. The room number allows hotel personnel to identify which guest is using the tablet as well as allowing them the option to directly message each In-room tablet. The following steps will guide you through assigning a room number for the first time or changing the room number if you need to move the In-Room tablet to another room.

How to Assign A Room Number

  • Select the Crave logo or your company logo displayed on the footer bar to open the staff login. 

  • Enter your pin code, then select the login button to access the management menu.  

  • Click on the Room Number field which will open the keypad. 

  • Enter the required room number on the keypad and select the highlighted green tick to confirm. 

Please take care to ensure the the correct room number is programmed. An ncorrect or duplicate room number can result in orders or service requests to be delivered to the wrong guest.

  • Select close to return to the application. The newly assigned room number will appear on the footer bar.

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