How to Add a Category to Your Menu

Applicable Feature:

  • In-Room Tablets
  • Crave Console
  • Appless
  • ServeSafety
  • Takeaway Today
  • Crave CMS
  • Crave NOC

The following instructions will guide you through the steps required to add a new category to your menu. A category can contain orderable items such as food and beverages or a service items such as request for a paid or free of charge service. Categories are added and managed in the Crave CMS just like any other content changes. You will require you Username and Password in order to login to the Crave CMS. 

1. Login to Crave CMS 

  • Learn How Login to the Crave CMS if this is your first time or you need an account to be created.

2. Navigate to the Menu

  • On the main navigation bar at the top of the CMS screen select Products > Menu.

  • The list of menus for your company will be displayed, double click on the menu you wish to add your category to.

3. Add a category

  • Your menu is organised in a tree structure. You can use the Expand or Collapse links to to enable easy navigation. Each category will also have a + symbol (on the left hand side) to allow you to expand the categories.

  • Once you have located the correct place to add your category, click on the green plus symbol.

  • Name your category and click save.

4.Category Configuration

  • Open up your category using the edit icon and the page will display the category configuration.
  • If you would like to add an image to the category, please visit:  Adding a category image
  • Once you have completed the configuration, click save and go

5. Publish your changes

If you are a tablet customer you will need to publish your changes. Learn How to publish changes.  

Once published your category will be visible on your tablet:

If you are an AppLess customer, the changes will automatically be live. The new category will be displayed on your menu:

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