How To Publish Changes To In-Room Tablets

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  • In-Room Tablets
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When content is changed or updated on the Crave CMS, a restart must be set of all devices on-site to bring the changes through. The following guide describes the steps required to publish configuration or content changes made in the Crave CMS to your In-room tablets.

1.    Login to Crave CMS 

  • Please refer to our guide if this is your first time or you need an account to be created.

2.    Scheduled Command Task

A Scheduled Command Task is a maintenance routine which is carried out in the CMS. This can include processes such as restarting or updating the In-room tablets and maybe carried out by Crave or Customers own personnel.

Please Note: You will not be able to publish any configuration or content changes while an existing Scheduled Command Task is running

  • You can check if a Scheduled Command Task is running in the Crave CMS by going to: Tools > Scheduled Command Tasks. 

  • If a Scheduled Command Task is already running, you will need to wait until it is completed before you can publish your changes.

3.    How do I Publish Changes?

There are two methods to publish your changes, Refresh Time Stamps or Push Menu. The correct

one to use depends on the type of changes you have made.

4.    Refresh Timestamps

  • Refreshing Timestamps allow changes made to the following features to be published:
  • Creating a new Deliverypoint.
  • Changes to an existing Deliverypoint.
  • Changing a Room Controller IP or Host name.
  • Changing a Room Controller Configuration.
  • Changes to a Client.
  • Changing a Room Control area.
  • Changes to POS features.
  • Creating or editing messages.
  • Creating or editing an Entertainment.
  • Creating or editing a widget or advertisement.
  • Creating or editing UI Schemes.
  • Creating or editing footerbar items.

5. How do I Refresh Timestamps?

  • Select Company from the navigation bar followed by Companies from the drop down menu.

  • Select the Pencil edit icon

  • Select the Advanced tab

  • Within the Actions section, you will see different timestamps that can be refreshed. You have the option to refresh all or refresh an individual timestamp.
  • Refresh Company Timestamp - Refreshes the company data. If you are refreshing an individual timestamp you must also select Refresh Company Timestamp.
  • Refresh POS Timestamp – If you have made changes to any POS configuration.
  • Refresh Deliverypoint Timestamp – If you have made changes to a Deliverypoint such as a change in room controller IP address, Hostname or Room Control configuration.
  • Refresh Announcement Timestamp – When you have created or made changes to the Message or announcement feature.
  • Refresh Entertainment Timestamp -  When you have added a new entertainment or edited an existing entertainment.
  • Refresh Advertisement Timestamp – When adding or editing a widget or advertisement.

Once you have refreshed timestamps, allow 2 minutes for the changes to propagate to the server. You can then restart the In-Room tablets.


Please Note: The following error indicates a Scheduled Command Task is running. Please refer to 'Scheduled Command Tasksection.5.    

6.    Push Menu

  • Push Menu allows changes to the following menu features to be published.
  • Creating a new menu.
  • Adding new categories or products.
  • Editing categories or products.
  • Deleting categories or products.
  • Adding or editing category or product images.
  • Adding attachments to products.
  • Adding or changing category or product images.
  • Adding language translation to category or products.

7. How do I Push Menu?

  • Select the Push menu tab.

  • Select the Push Menu button.

  • The menu will now be published.The larger the menu the longer it will take to complete.
  • Once the menu push has been completed, you can restart the In-room tablets.

Please Note:  The following error messages indicates that a Scheduled Command Task is already running or that another person has recently pushed the menu and it has not finished publishing. Please refer to 'Scheduled Command Task' section.

Once you have finished publishing your changes you will need to restart the Crave In-Room Tablets. 
  • Learn How to restart your Crave In-Room tablets

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