How to Create a Transaction Report

Applicable Feature:

  • In-Room Tablets
  • Crave Console
  • Appless
  • ServeSafety
  • Takeaway Today
  • Crave CMS
  • Crave NOC

The following steps will assist you in creating a transaction report for orders and service requests placed by guests using your In-Room tablets during their stay.  The transaction report can be generated for a predefined period or you can specify a customised date range. Information provided in the transaction report can be used to help make decisions within your operation.

How To Create a Transaction Report

1. Login to Crave CMS

  •     Learn How to login to the crave CMS if this is your first time or you need an account to be created.

2.  Select Analytics > Transactions

3. Configure Your Report

  • You can select one of the predefined periods in the drop down list or select anual if you need to have a custom date range.  

  • If you are entering a custom date range please complete the required From and Till dates. Please note that transaction report will not include information for the current day so the Till date cannot be set to the current date.

  • Your business may have been set up with different deliverypoint groups or areas. You can now select the deliverypoint groups you would like to include in the report.

  • Select load Deliverypoints to add the room numbers you would like to include in the report. Select Check all if you would like to include all of them. You can uncheck individual rooms, such as those used to place test orders to remove them from the report.

  • Select Generate Report when you have configured the fields as needed.

  • The report will now be generated and can take a few minutes depending on the size of data being generated. After a few minutes you can click on the link displayed to access your report.

  • Select the link to download your report. If the link is not displayed then your report has not finished generating. Select the refresh button periodically until the download link is displayed.

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